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The art of living with relaxation.

In the South West of France, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees, the GERS is the country of well-being. Undulating Tuscan-looking landscapes, luminous nature, castles, abbeys, Gascon fortified towns…, the wealth of the architectural heritage is unique. A stay in one of our SPA resorts represents the pleasure of an authentic holiday!

D'ArtagnanIn the South West of France, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees, the GERS is the country of well-being. Undulating Tuscan-looking landscapes, luminous nature, castles, abbeys, Gascon fortified towns…, the wealth of the architectural heritage is unique. A stay in one of our spa resorts represents the pleasure of an authentic holiday!

From cultural visits, village fêtes, rambles to water activities, golf and spa establishments, these events take place from Easter to the end of October in the GERS. A wealth of the best Gascon produce – foie gras – and the pleasure of savouring its gastronomy invite the tourists to the discovery of a world of sensations, in the country of the musketeers and d’Artagnan.

Land of passion and fêtes, the Gers invites us to share its emotions, hydrotherapy treatments, activities in nature, to rest on the beaches of its lakes and gives us the joy of its traditional fêtes. Walking on the footpaths of the old ‘romioux’ (pilgrims) and of the Cadets of Gascony and admiring the collegiate church of la Romieu, the Roman bridge of Artigues and St Mary’s Cathedral in Auch, all included in the World Heritage List. Learning to enjoy the passing of time is to let oneself go to the pace of Gascon life.

The spa towns of the GERS constitute a stopover for well-being, health and fitness.

Auch, capitale de la Gascogne Abbaye de Flaran Tournesols

Spa resort treating rheumatisms and legs


BARBOTAN is a very pleasant town surrounded by pine trees and Armagnac vineyards, near the Atlantic Ocean and with a mild Italian-like climate. The resort has kept its specificity over the centuries (phlebology) and it also offers treatment for rheumatic conditions. The combination of sulphur and carbon dioxide dissolved in the oligo-metallic waters relieves the joints and contribute to the venous return.

Precious and rare, the mineral and plant mud of BARBOTAN comes from a huge natural peat bog unique in Europe. Mineral waters and peat produce a relaxing mud that is applied hot and is recommended in rheumatology and phlebology.
Over one or several days of treatment, BARBOTAN will help you associate well-being and vitality and will give you the necessary energy to get back an alert and dynamic body.


Spa resort for the mouth and the digestive system

Castera Verduzán

Beautiful quiet village situated in a green undulating landscape, near a small river well stocked with fish, CASTERA-VERDUZAN provides a base for a magnificent 18th century thermal establishment.

With its oral balneotherapy department, the resort has at its disposal the dedicated equipment for the hydro-mineral treatment of degenerative conditions of the periodontium. The pH of the spring reduces the acidity of the mouth.

The water of the establishment, rich in sulphate, magnesium and calcium has found its use in periodontics thanks to its replenishing action with minerals, its hemostatic and cicatrizing effect on the oral-lingual mucous membrane.

The aqua relaxation area is another facet of this resort. It is fully equipped with a thermal indoor swimming pool, underwater douches and goose necks. Hammam and sauna lovers will wrap themselves in the humid heat of steam Baths that activate blood circulation. These are healthy pleasures.

Spa resort for rheumatisms and osteo-articular disorders

Lectoure - thermes

Filled with art and history, LECTOURE is one of the oldest towns in the GERS. From the height of its oppidum, it watches over the Lomagne and offers to its visitors an exceptional architectural construction.

The sulphurated, chlorinated and sodic water at 42°C soothes patients suffering from rheumatic pathologies. The stay enables pain reduction and improves the everyday life of the residents for a better quality of life after the treatment. Hot mud applications soothe the pain and encourage muscle relaxation.

Gymnastics sessions take place in a swimming pool dedicated to mobilization treatment. Fan douches, affusions, whirlpool baths all produce genuine micro-massages which have a relaxing and invigorating action.

Should you choose a fitness stay, we have at your disposal a big thermal water swimming pool in which you can swim against the current, a whirlpool bath, goose neck, affusions, water falls, jacuzzi…
Hammam and sauna, aquagym and ‘natagym’ (aquagym in deep water), LECTOURE offers numerous formulas to get back energy and vitaly.


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Association Thermale et Climatique Gersoise
3, boulevard Roquelaure – BP 106 – 32002 AUCH Cedex – France
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Email: info@tourisme-gers.com

For scientific popularization. Specialist in medicine and balneology.
President of the Spanish association ‘The Friends of Thermal Baths’.


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