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Sucessful presentation of the “Villa Termal de los Incas ”, in the International Forun of Thermal Tourism Europe-Latin América.


The project “Villa Termal de los Incas” was presented together with an important complement of alternative options, regarding water enjoyment, following the current concept in the development of the european thermal villages. This is one of the conclusions of the Foro Thermal. Europe–Latín America, that took place in the frame of the 6th edition of TERMATALIA 2006.

The Cajamarca city attended for the second consecutive year to the International Fair of Thermalism, Thalassotherapy and SPA, that took place during the days 27,28,29 October 2006, gathered in the thermal city of Ourense (Galicia) around 3.700 professionals and more than 12800 visitors. This event place Termatalia among the most important thermal fairs at european level.

Mr. John Herdin  executive of CANATUR. Perú Dr. Mayte  Suárez and J. Herdin during his dissertation in the Forum

The business sector of Cajamarca attended Termatalia represented by John Herdin, manager of the Hotel Spa Laguna Seca, who was invited as executive of CANATUR (National Chamber of Turism) and representative of Peru, to participate in the International Forum of Thermal Tourism. Europe–Latin America, organized by Expourense in collaboration with GRUPO TERMAS and the Asociacion Española de Amigos de las Termas.

The cajamarquian manager was introduced by the Chairwoman of the Forum, Dr. Mayte Suárez, thermal tourism specialist and consultant of the Cajamarca Project, She was, two years ago, who named the project after the peruvian history, culture and similar thermal richness to the current thermal villages of Europe.

John Herdin presented “The Tourism of Health from the socioeconomic perspective of Cajamarca “Villa Termal de los Inca” being able to attract the interest of the representatives of participant countries in the Forum: France, Hungary, Spain, Israel, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.
The tourist potentialities - thermal of the Andean country of face to possible investments, they will be study object as well as the visit of a delegation of managers to the Peru.


Handycraft activities

In his intervention Mr.J. Herdin that made a defense of the values of Cajamarca, as America Patrimony presented the reality of a historical past, pride of all the cajamarquians and the promising future of a city intended for reference of the Tourism of Health of the new millennium due to its strategic situation in the Quapaq Ñan or Path of the Inca.

This way, the numerous assisting auditory to the International Forum discovered that the traditional industries of Cajamarca are those of agricultural products, livestock and of a wide diversity of handmade products. fabrics of diverse materials and fibers, works in clay, works in stone, wood, musical instruments and there are a great quantity of painters, writers and philsophers. Enphasizing the radical change experienced in the city, in the last decade, due to the arrival of the mining industry.

He remembered that Cajamarca was well known because the production of gold and the golden objects elaboration, the oldest of the continent, as it is proved by the well made objects of the “Kuntur Wasi” culture which dates back more than one thousand years ac. Highlighting that Peru is currently the 5th gold producing country in the world and the mines of Cajamarca extract half of the total gold of Peru, maintaining the importance of this place in the world, regarding to this exclusive, emblemátic and magic metal that has attracted and fascinated the humanity from time immemorial.

" This generate three important, direct and quite immediate, consequences, said J. Herdin. A very important development of the regional economy, an interesting growth of the consumption and an urgent necessity to develop the future “post-mining.”

In his intervention he refers to the work carried out through the ONGs, Perú Thermal and Aprec for the public awareness on the own resources, to qualify people in the knowledge of the tourist's optics, the evaluation of the participative options and, first of all, the knowledge of the value of their way of life and costums.

In this sense, he remembered that “in the year 2000 we begin the most significant work with APREC, working together and being supported by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, some universities, the mining company Yanacocha and 14 communities of the valley, developing a very important work involving the population along 75 kilometers of the Qhapaq Ñan, the Inca road in the Cajamarca stretch, in a project that has allowed us to re-discover the surrounding nature”

“With the support of the residents, scientists and experts -J. Herdin adds - 7 tourist guides of 70 to 120 pages each one, describing the forms of life, the birds, the insects, the plants, the landscape, the medicinal plants, uses and customs and geology, embracing the population in the work process, have been already published. The population has responded with interest, finding a meaning in recovering their roots and originsa, to expound this marvel to every tourist eager to know these millennial cultures.”.


“Perú Thermal, the Peruvian Association of Thermalism – he said - has been carrying out a work together with the Vice-ministry of Tourism and the University Ricardo Palma of Lima, creating the necessary foundations and mechanisms for the PPP (Private-Public-Partnership). At the present the laws that will allow a participative development of the thermal waters, are under review, offering the opportunity to companies wanting to develop this resource, to obtaining the concession of the necessary resource to begin tourist activities. Until the year 2005 already 18 concessions were given along the country, being that of Cajamarca, Hotel Laguna Seca the most important.”

PEROLITOS. Laguna Seca ( Tragadero )

After an extensive explanation over the two existent thermal facilities in Cajamarca, that of Tourist Complex of Banos del Inca and that of Laguna Seca, both in urban area of more than 100 thousand square meters and each one with several points where the thermal waters spring up, he highlighted the necessity to work jointly, both public and private sectors and the investments raising.

In this sense, John Herdin made an explicit offer for the investment opportunities and participation in the projects that are developing.

“We are guided to develop Baños del Inca city and the concept of the Villa termal de los Incas as a center of world interest. The flow of geo-thermal water, its quality and temperature and the local conditions, offer us favorable circumstances for a development to which we can also invite to other companies that want to expand their activity and to look for new opportunities in South America.”

The Peruvian National Chamber of Tourism participated in the sixth edition of Termatalia with a stand and Caretur Lima presence and its president Jorge Navarrete as well as the mayors of the Municipalities of Churin and Santa Leonor, Toribio Fernández Villanueva y Antonio Carrasco Villavicencio, respectively. The mayor of Baños del Inca, Engineer José Pajares Abanto also attended with the stand of Cajamarca Villa Termal de los Incas besides APREC and the Hotel Spa Laguna Seca.

Geo-Thermal Nature. Cajamarca

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