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Al-Andalus, the Route of the " hammams "


To carried out this route enriched our culture and knowledge of the history of the Al Andalus. A reward, a walk through the zocos of the Albaycín, in order to sumerge ourselves into the atmosphere of the Arabic-andalusí culture. To enter in one of the tearooms that spreaded over the steep climbed streets and tasting the suggestive moorish teas. The finishing touch, the visit to a " hammam ". There are few but select
The design is similar to those authentic Arab baths of the Alhambra.

But the night is approaching and it is the moment to look for a privileged armchair from which we will observe the evening: the Alhambra, changing colour, it is an unique espectacle that would be unforgivable to lost. We say goodbye to Ibn Zamrak. The poet returns to his Alhambra, where the most beautiful poems rest in its walls, inspired beyond all doubt, in these evenings.

While the sound of the guitars incites to climb up to the Sacromonte, in the bank of the Darro River, we indulge ourselves in the pleasure of a hammam. Diffuse light, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the pleasant scent of oils and essences, and the splashing of the water, we are receive this way when entering in a " hammam ". It is the oriental version of the " Wellness ". An oasis of tranquility, relax and harmony. The ritual of the bath is the same in almost all hammams. At the entrance, we recived a towel to cover ourselves, natural soap and a small bowl. Next the Tellak takes us to the different steam baths and areas of rest with hot marble banks.

In each room we find hot water fountains with which we wet our arms, legs and the back using the bowl. And when we are totally relaxed and the skin ready, the time is came to experience the prime moment of the visit to the hammam: the massage. With special gloves, the Tellak carries out a massage and a peeling, then it lathers the whole body to clean it later with a jet of cold water that leaves the skin soft and the head clear.
Before leaving a hammam, I enjoy a cup of tea and talk cheerily with people that are with me in the rest room, wrapped up in a bathrobe. The stay in the hammam was of some three hours. I feel completely revitalized. Do you want to go to a hammam?


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