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The University of Toulouse and the S.F.T.T.S.B.D. are studying the therapeutic value of its thermal waters


The Clinical Research Group of the Faculty of Dental Surgery of Toulouse is developing a line of research for the treatment of the mouth and teeeth pathologies, in general, being the water of Castera-Verduzan an effective element for the application of the oral-dental crenotherapy.

The scientific work is included in the agreement of collaboration subscribed between the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the University of Toulouse and the French Society of Thermalism and Thalassotherapy for the Oral-Dental Health.

The project studies the capacity of the mineral waters of Cástera - Verduzan to capture the oxygen and to have a therapeutic action on the anaerobics germs. After being concluded the first phase of the research, the results are optimistic, keeping in mind that the parodontal illnesses are microbial and the pathogen germs are anaerobics.

For the chairman of the French Society of Thermalism and Thalassotherapy for the Oral-Dental Health, the mouth is a sensitive and vulnerable organ.

"Is an ecosystem with more than four hundred classes of germs that cohabit. The smallest imbalance in the organism has a buccal repercussion. The mouth can also reveals a number of organic lesions. The ingestion of some medications, such as antibiotics, imbalances the flora of the mouth and can cause the candidosis appearance. The taking of antidepressants diminishes the secretion of saliva. Other medications produce a modification in the bucal pH. However, the tooth decays develop with a sour pH (between 4,5 and 5,5)."

Regarding the therapeutic action of the thermal water, Dr. Philippe Vergnes considers that the thermal water rebalance the buccal ecosystem, reestablishing a neutral ph. The thermal water stimulates the salivary glands so that the mouth become properly humidified.

As dental surgeon, expert in oral-dental crenotherapy, he also remembers that, in the affections of the support tissue of the teeth (the parodonto), or in the inflammations of implants, the crenotherapy offers a great assistance.



The Thermalism endo-bucal in France has a reference: the thermal station of Cástera -Verduzan whose sulphurated minerals waters are therapeutically indicated for the buco-lingual affections of the mucous and parodontopatías. Affections of the digestive and metabolic systems.

Odontologists from Gers and Marseille are carrying out scientific sessions with their colleagues of the S.F.T.T.S.B.D. in a continuous interest for the crenotherapy and the oral-dental illnesses.

Recently, the University of Dentistry of Burdeos, carrying out scientific works, has proved the effectiveness of the oraal shower that increase the blood circulation, producing a blodd vessels dilation, decongestant and intensifying the changes at cellular level.

The great number of research works carried out with thermal waters of Castera-Verduzán (France), proved the therapeutic action of the sulphurated waters and how their effects are in general very favourable in the treatment of the oral-dental illnesses and specially in the paradontopatías, being Castera Verduzan's thermal water an effective element in the application of the oral-dental crenotherapy.

The thermal water exercises an action on the general condition by drinking cures, Baths, jets or MUDS. The medical literature is rich in the studies showing that there are many relationships between the parodontosis and other illnesses. It is necessary to remember that the paradontitis is a factor of risk for the health. For example, a severe paradontitis increases considerably the risks of heart attack (25% increasing to 172% for the men of more than 50 years. In the same way, a paradontitis in a pregnant increases the risks of a premature birth."

Among the general causes of paradontopatías, those more frequent are: stress, tobacco, diabetes, the seropositive ones (VIH+). The absence of substitution hormones after the menopause, and the absorption of some medications (the calcic inhibitors, ciclosporinas, certain anti-epileptic). Because all this, the Chairman of the S.F.T.T.S.B.D. remembers us that the three first ones can be improved with the thermal cures.

"The stress can be diminished in a SPA. The waters, the feeding, the climate, the atmosphere of different life, the medical support, everything in the cure brings the peace and the serenity.

Against the nicotine, some thermal stations propose cures anti-tobacco. Against diabetes, there are approved stations to treat the metabolism problems."


Finally, Dr. Philippe Vergnes declares his opinion on this topic and the expectations about thermalism. S.F.T.T.S.B."The Balneotherapy effectiveness can be proved by exact measures. The patient's global analysis should be practiced at the beginning and at the end of the thermal cure. Numerous devices are available in odonto-estomatology that allow to measure objectively the modifications."

The French Society of Thermalism and Thalassotherapy for the Buco-Dental Health will participate in the Congress of the Scientific Societies of Odonto-Estomatology (G.S.S.O.S.) that will take place during days 17 and 18 of March 2006, in the Faculty of Dentistry of Reims.

The Professor Michel Sixou, M.C.U., responsible for the Service of Epidemiology of the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the University of Toulouse, will represent the S.F.T.T.S.B.D. His participation will be centered in a scientific communication related "Thermal water and the buccal flora, especially with the thermal water of Castera - Verduzan treatment". The scientific meeting will conclude with the General Assembly of the SFTTSBD.


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