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The Route of the Spas for the District do Ribeiro


I conclude this walk for of one of the areas more emblemáticas of Galicia, the healthy itinerary for the district do Ribeiro, with a visit to Celanova whose history is closely linked to the monastery of San Salvador, been founded by San Rosendo in the year 936. The history of this monastery has conditioned, for the power that it exercised, the same history of Galicia, and of course, of the district. Let us say that the village of Celanova has lived to the compass marked by the monkish rhythm. Their abbots were the biggest proprietors in lands of Galicia until the disentailment of the XIX century. and therefore, the main authority in the population. 

The current monastery is considered as the best copy in the Galician Baroque; the primitive one X. rose in the century stops to admire this monumental group where maybe, of all the works of art that he/she keeps in its interior, the most beautiful jewel is chapel of San Miguel, a minuscule oratory of Mozarabic architecture. In the land that surrounds it they were tablets that make think that it was in their time chapel cemiterial. 

But Celanova is also big Galician writers' cradle as Curros Enríquez, Méndez Ferrín and Celso Emilio Ferreiro. In fact, this last, famous poet celanovés, began to write during its stay in the monastery used as jail in the civil war of the year 1936, one of the Galician better known poemarios of the lyrical one." Longa pedra noite." Today in their streets and squares, the impronta of a liberated civil culture of the servitudes is noticed of in the past.

At little distance they are interesting places as Castromao that conserves remains of Celtic and Roman habitáculos and Vilanova two Infants, of medieval layout. 

This whole area so near to Portugal tempts me to cross that imaginary frontier that existed in its day, and to come closer to know Melgaço, its castle, its streets and its wine of Port. But the visit to this beautiful country will be, in a next Route.


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