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The Route of the Spas for the District do Ribeiro


Before abandoning the thermal village, I decide to unite to a group of excursionists that program to make senderismo for the surroundings of the area. The Concello of Arnoia has an abundant forest production in all the mounts that surround it and a great variety of autochthonous trees as the chestnut tree. The low mount is very fertile and along the road we find the plants characteristic of these lands, as tojos carcajas and a lot of heath. 

When arriving to You Chaos we rest a while. There are many sources in this place, however the water is quite bitter. We continue for the Bridge of Caneirón of in front of As Poldra's recreational area with tables and area of bathrooms. Then we ascend to the Lapela where we find a great atmosphere; it is on first Saturday of the month and he/she takes place the fair. There are tenderetes and a lot of animation and trade. Here it is where is organized the Party do Pemento.

We go by the town of Lapela and we stop to visit the chapel where, very close, they are remains of a I castrate Celtic. From here, the panoramic view is really beautiful. Already in San Remoiño, we visit another chapel, that of San Antón, where they stay the relics of the Cruz and that in their day it was House of the Inquisition. 

We continue until to you Put on a picturesque place, on the way to Celanova. Here another recreational area exists, with tables and banks for the rest and also areas of bathrooms. My group partners, studious of the autochthonous flora, they pick up all type of plants, toxos, carqueixas and matogueiras that, in great variety, they are in the path that drives toward to Peneda, on the river Arnoia, in the Sierra of Silvaescura. In this place two old thermal minicentrales and an abandoned town still remain. People emigrate toward the cities. 

Here we make a high one to contemplate a landscape of inigualable beauty. The leafy valley goes covering of a fine fog and you grieve it perceives the river from the high of the mount. The silence impresses. We are in kind of a charmed forest as that that described with their overflowing imagination the prose Galician Wenceslao Fernández Florez. Calmed the thirst, we fill another time the canteen to continue on the way to Carmons. 

We enter for San Asleep, where there are a stone cruise, a chapel and a tower with clock. In Outeiro he/she gives Cruz we go by the House do Concello and amid an esplanade, a source with one of the best waters, according to the old men of the place testimony. We continue toward the Church and the Priorate, and we begin the return for As Poldras that will drive us again toward the Thermal Villa, but this time for the one on the way to the Celtic ones.


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