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The Route of the Spas for the District do Ribeiro


The spas open the doors to a system of healthier and more balanced life. In Arnoia this harmony becoming real when because there is a offert of a modern and novel complex for holidays, located in one of the most privileged places in Galicia, the area of the Ribeiro, washed by the Miño and with some environmental and climatic characteristics that supplement, favorably, the therapeutic effects of the thermal cure. 

The thermal complex is designed as center of residential tourism of health and due its characteristics aimed to a clientele of middle age and in the course of time, adapted to the social demand: balneoterapia and treatments revitalizantes and anti-estrés. 

The waters of the thermal center are sulfurate-sodium, Bicarbonatadas, magnetic, and specially suitable for affections of the locomotive system, breathing, digestive and skin problems, rehabilitation and estrés. It is a modern spa and very equipped in their facilities, it has aeromasaje bathtubs with jets subacuáticos and advanced technology for water therapies. As well booths for treatment of buco-dental affections. Besides all type of rooms for massages therapeutic under the responsibility of a physiotherapist, hydromassage and rooms for mud treatments. 

The atmosphere propitiates to the rest. And nothing better than giving us a mud-therapy session. The thermal mud is very effective for the cellulitis and the wrinkles since it provides magnesium, copper, zinc (producers of colagen and elastina) and silicon. All these elements slow the process of aging of the cells, revitalizing them and strengthening the tension of the skin and of the delicate muscles of the face. A treatment of MUDS or thermal earth that it stimulates the blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism of the skin and mainly it has relaxing effects. 

In the interior of the Spa there are two pools for hydromassage and rehabilitation that also supplement at a third acclimatized, located in the exterior of the building. As the temperature it is good, we finish the integral treatment in this last pool, where we can relax in the hidromasaje area with contrasts of water to leave completely revitalized.


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