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The Route of the Spas for the District do Ribeiro


The departure of the catamaran is scheduled at four in the afternoon. The guide indicates us that are ready the group of ten people the company that operates the ship demands to make profitable a mini cruise that lasts not more than 90 minutes. We begin the trip slowly. The nature is generous in this part of the Miño River. We observe all fauna class and flora: ducks, gulls, herons... we feel the humid atmosphere at this hour of the afternoon. The natural environment that surrounds the Spa of Arnoia is an authentic relax.


My trip partners, carrying sophisticated video cameras, they record everything when they come around to its. We try to immortalize these fluvial prints approaching the camera to capture the movements of the herons that are in bank of the river. In the distance we see againterraces of vineyards spread by the riversides of the rivers Arnoia and Miño. And it is that this climate of Atlantic influence, of soft temperatures and remarkable régime of rains, favors the production of the Ribeiro. 

To speak of wine in this Route of the Spas can not be done without being watered as it deserves... so I offer my companions a bottle of white Ribeiro that I bought in one of the taverns of Ribadavia... the paper glasses are not the appropriate ones but they are good to make a toast in this pleasant and loosened trip. 

The Ribeiro is fast, fresh, dry and aromatic, with a harmonic balance in perfect degree -acidity, its straw-coloured pale in the white wine we are tastingt, put us right and it makes happy in this healthy journey. I think that anything is cultivated in Galicia with as much affection as the wine. I believe that for the farmer , the wine from their grapes is the best in the world and means all that unites he to their earth. 

The soft bends of the Miño bring us near to Cortegada of Baths where there are two spas and according to the guide, always she had vocation of termal village. The catamarán doesn't has foreseen to anchor so that we can not go down to earth, so we only have the opportunity to capture with our camera the building of one of the spas, a kind of modernist mansion that shines beautiful with the reflection of the sun in the waters of the River Miño. 

This Spa remains open only in summery season. That is to say from June to October. Their sulfurous and ferruginous waters sprout to 38 º C. They have therapeutic properties beneficial for hepatic processes, illnesses of the skin and according to guide comments, it is said that they are very recommendable to cure the women sterility.


The River Miño skirts the municipality of Cortegada in an approximate longitude of 11 kms very calm for the reservoir of Frieira. From some years ago it takes place during the summer, canoeing competitions, rowing and sailing competitions since this region is very suitable for the sport sailing. 

The short duration of this fluvial trip is compensated by the incredible beauty of the landscape, essentially forest and leafy in the riverbanks. An authentic delight for the spirit. From the creation of the reservoirs it is habitual to find all type of bird species besides the ducks and the herons that benefit of the climate and the situation of Arnoia, from the dam of Frieira and already abutting with Castrelos do Miño.


At the present time these reservoirs serve as control for the migrant fishes as the salmon or the elver. We have also seen a good number of swifts and swallows, to fly about in this splendid fluvial place. 

Already back, we are advised to carry out some of the tracking routes, to go through the near mounts and to delight with their impressive landscape formed by valleys and mountains, in the basins of the rivers Miño and Arnoia. We find an interesting suggestion that we promise to complete after knowing the Spa of Arnoia. 

We thank all the attentions to our nice guide and we say goodbye to the group. It has been an incredible experience that we recommend to all the lovers of the nature, for the quantity of knowledge that is acquired in these educational walks, and to find harmony and tranquility for the body and the spirit. We now have a compeling appointment: to dive in the culture of the thermal water of Arnoia.


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