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The Route of the Spas for the District do Ribeiro


We arrive, finally, to the Villa of Arnoia, as the four stone engraved monoliths show in the entrance of the thermal complex. In the reception of the Hotel Balneario they inform us that, in this time of the year, the trips in catamarán are only organized in working days, on wednesdays, and the weekends. 

Fortunately today is Saturday and we don't have problem, although we should wait until a minimum of six places are achieved to have access to the mini cruise. I pay the 7, 20 Euros for about 90 minutes of trip in catamarán along the River Miño and I wait close to other six people that is the necessary group formed to have the opportunity to carry out the desired journey. 

I feel curiosity to know the history of this thermal village whose pamphlet I picked up in the Hotel Balneario. I ask to the guide that will accompany us, about the kindness of the thermal waters in a district viticultural par excellence, as it is the district of Arnoia, in the heart do Ribeiro.


Apparently, this Concello of San Salvador of Arnoia, located in the left margin of the Miño River, fifteen kilometers before becoming natural border with Portugal, he opens a page of their history as a thermal village. A surgencia of waters with therapeutic effects, converts it in place of reference for the ecological tourism of Galicia. In the beginnings of the XXI century, this combatant and solidary town from the emigration, is creating a dynamic economy with a modern complex thermal for holidays, included in the Route of the Spas and designed to compete, at European level, offering leisure and health. 

The history of Arnoia and their patrimony are bound to the Benedictine monastery of Celanova and the economy of the village to the agriculture. Their microclima and situation washed by the rivers Arnoia and Miño, allows a great development horticulturist in these lands for the cultivation and the commercialization. 

As in the whole district do Ribeiro, in Arnoia highlights the cultivation of the good white broths, tintos and in smaller scale, the rosy one. The riversides of the rivers and in low hillsides of the mounts they are sowed of vineyards and trained vine. The wines of Arnoia are aided by Ribeiro, "appellation d?origine". 

The guide speaks with passion of the thermal baths, thanks to this surgencia, the people had not to emigrate from the town. As it is saying, the day 24 of August of 1993, the inhabitants of Arnoia discovered a new source of wealth: the thermal water. A surgencia of waters with mineromedicinales properties that years before were hidden for the reservoir, it changed the history of this town. 

The day 6 of May of the year 1995, a modern thermal complex -Hotel Balneario was inaugurated in Arnoia and she became registered in the tourist pamphlets as Thermal Villa. She became incorporated in the programs of Route of the Spas and it also included, complementary activities of leisure and free time, as tracking routes through wide recreational areas, routes to horse, etc.


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