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The Route of the Spas for the District do Ribeiro



The neighbors of the place comment that there are some Baths or very old thermal baths to some 2 kms of Ribadavia, that it deserves a visit. They are not in the Route of Spas, although in a next future they can be included since exists a Foundation that is promoting its rehabilitation. In the office of tourism of Ribadavia, very kindly, they facilitate me all the necessary information to move through the area. 

The oldest references to the baths of Prexigueiro date of the S. XVI, time in which they belonged to the monastery of Melon who granted successive forums and leases on this bathrooms among the years 1.552 and 1.717. In the consulted documentation referred to this forums and leases, the bathrooms prepared in the time of some facilities that you/they included two constructions: he/she marries main and terrestrial house", a mount and the own bathrooms, located in the bank of the river, as Olga Gallego Domínguez picks up. 

These baths that had their peak in the historical period among final of the s.XVII and beginnings of the s.XVIII, their facilities were destroyed by a castilian monk, appointed prior, initiative, upset with the annoyances and, perhaps, some expenses that caused him the guests that went to stay in the priorate" (Nicolás Loyal Taboada).


The baths of Prexigueiro", are the exploitiation use of some springs of thermal waters , in the riverbanks and the in bed as well of the river Cerves. Waters of sulfurous nature, sodium bicarbonated, availables for drinking, bath and Inhalations, and that they highlight for their flow, temperature, and their therapeutic properties. According to Taboada Leal they are specially suitable for the treatment of rheumatic illnesses .Others recommends that they are excellent for the ascitis treatment, obstructions and chronic convulsions. 

Apparently there is intention of creating in this area a new Thermal Vila. It exists a promoter concern that is a Foundation, in which one has participation the City council of Ribadavia and the local community of Prexigueiro, constituted in Association of Neighbors with joint representation of both entities in the Patronage that governs the Foundation. Their objective is to get some endowments and facilities that, together with ordination and preservation measures of the natural and urbanístic enviroment , they seetle the basis of a rational exploitation of this important sanitary and tourist resource. 

It is a pleasing surprise to know directly this beautiful thermal environment and the modern facilities of the Thermal baths of Prexigueiro. It has an excellent endowment of bathtubs with jets and Hidromasaje, and a good reception and information service.

I take a walk for the surroundings on the river Cerves shore, in the fork with the Miño river and surprisingly, in front of the SPA of Arnoia. 

Before leaving Ribadavia we load provisions for the whole day. We don't forget to include a couple of bottles of wine Ribeiro and hebrew candies that is a typical medieval pastrymaking. We go towards Arnoia, approximately distant 5 Kms of Ribadavia. During the itinerary we sight far away big terraces of vineyards distributed by the whole area of the municipality of Ribadavia. 

And it is that the Ribeiro, as José Posada promoter of Irmandade dos Vinhos Galegos, remembers, it is a medieval wine. The author of Metaphysics of the Wine", it highlights as the monasteries that were numerous in the country, they were making their own wine, for the meals and sacrifices and they were supplyers of the Archbishopric of Compostela. It had their acme and glory in the hidden Middle Ages, making happy the pilgrim's return, when filling their pumpkin or leather boot, with the fondón of Ribadavia. 

The limits of their "Denomination of Origin", they are written in an ordinance of the Villa of Ribadavia that dates from the year 1564, marking the places and areas where it can be cultivated, with permission of the merino ( it refers to routes of the trashumant sheeps of merina race), so that it can be sold as such, seeking their fame and zone.


It comes now to my memory Erasmo of Rotterdam that said that of: "the wine should not travel, the drinker must travel", and in the Galician wines, well it is worthwhile to take a trip to his origin place and to find them in his state of virginity and purity, in his birthplace, drinking from the clean source that produces it." Wise words that I should apply, without a doubt. 

But there is still time to taste in the many cellars spreaded in the district, this broth that for many centuries the englishmen import from Ribabavia and according to Samuel Pepys, easy to find in London. The Ribeiro is an affectionate earth, planted in the hillsides, and where the wine doesn't arrive the brooms they flourish and finicky... shining in all their splendor in spring time.


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