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The Route of the Thalassoterapia for the Basque-French coast


The landscape of the Basque-French country in sunny days, with its sprinkled green hills of houses, the cut out coast and the greenish blue sea, in fact has the interesting air of the places to enjoy them, for the rest. However when the days appear cloudy, with fog, the grasslands, the rocks and the trees, shroud temselves on a romantic aura.

Today it dawned this way in the sea side of the beach, heading for Anglet, in our retina I keep the photographic image of the flowers adorning the gardens and those typically french-basque houses, giving life and color to an atmosphere of manners that defines the vitality of these people. 

Anglet, with four kilometers and half of coast is a thermal station where the surfing is the star sport again. It is village of great maritime tradition: fishing, sailing, thalassotherapy and overflowing happiness to live the traditions and popular festivities. It is the stop that we need to get the total relaxing in another of their centres of thalassotherapy, located in the Boulevard des Plages. In this complex of integrated hotels, the thalassotherapy center is used with preventive and therapeutic aims and under medical surveillance. 

The climate and the sea water favour the marine therapy since the complexes biological-marines penetrate by osmosis (through the membrane) up to the basal layer of the conjunctive tissues. The rich substances that contain the algae, the slimes or the marine mires reach the hipodermis without necessity of any mediator, only by their own natural ions. We may know in detail this concept of the thalassotherapy associated to the aesthetic at the Institute of Thalassotherapy of this I magnificent complex.


If we keep in mind that Anglet is an european reference for golfers, one of the suggestions more demanded is the combination of the Golf / Thalassoterapy, so thermal circuits and special proposals for men in order to get the top form, before the training. For this reason their specific treatments are suitable for back and lumbar, anti-estrés and anti-tobacco, beside the slimming cures. Spaces for the beauty, man/woman, dietary, baby club, and other several proposals are leisure and health to supplement with tourist and cultural itineraries thrugh this thermal village. 

Anglet is also the "green lung of the French-Basque coast" with some 250 hectares of forests and pine groves, occupies 10 percent of the total of region surface. Penultimate stage of the route is the perfect journey to combine the water and the nature. The health and the setting in form of the whole family.

Walks through pine groves and the ten beaches of this coast, between the rock of Cap St Martín and the entrance breakwater of l´Adour estuary, and the obliged visit to the Grotto de la Chambre d´Amour." A natural cavity that according to the legend, was the scenary of the tragic death of two lovers snatched by the rough sea and the gale wind. 

Between San Juan de Luz and Anglet we have counted during this itinerary by the coast, about eight golf fields, and practically all of them, skirting the cliffs of the French Basque coast. Really not only we have discovered, along the itinerary, the benefits that the marine therapy produces in our organism but the climatic excellence of this part of the Aquitania, their local festivities and their typically basque-french gastronomy.


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