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The Route of the Thalassoterapia for the Basque-French coast


Also known as the "City of the corsairs", San Juan de Luz -Saint Jean-de -Luz in French, its location is magnificent, inside a bay in the Atlantic. It was a prosperous fishing port in the XVI and XVII centuries and had has their time of glory at the time of Luis XIV wedding with the Infanta María Teresa, in the Church of Saint - Jean Baptiste. Nowdays the city has an important Spa with a center of Thalasotherapy for many visitors.


In fact we are in a country with great tradition in marine therapies. Distributed along 35 km of the Basque Coast, there are five thalassotherapy centers located in climatic stations that we discover as whem advancing through the route. That of San Juan de Luz is an irresistible temptation. For this reason we abandon the beach and we go to the Place Maurice Ravel, in the area of the maritime avenue.

This modern Center of marine and Thermal Baths, has several spaces for specialized treatments for the back, the legs, the fatigue and the dysfunctions of sleep. Besides of biomarine circuit, sauna, hamman aquagym and gymnastics. We make ourselves a remise in it forms that we complete with a walk across San Juan of Luz. Soon we get the top form.. 

From the port lighthouse up to the Chevaux breakwaters and even further on, stretches a maritime avenue that has in one side the beach and some relative modern houses, hotels and some outstanding buildings as the casino, in the other. The Luis XIV house where spent their night of weddings with María Teresa of Austria, it is one of the oldest constructions in the city. 

Across anyone of the peatonal streets, we can arrive to the Ancient city. The Gambetta street is the main of this area and there we can breadth a calmed atmosphere being at the same time cosmopolitan: the houses adorned with flowers; the sidewalks full with people and the deluxe stores are alternated with others of groceries and of utensils for beach. There are also bars, coffeeshops and restaurants. We go through the fishing port, close to the population's center where there are many anchored and berthed ships of vivid colors creating a seaworthy and festive ambient in this elegant village.

The inhabitants of San Juan of Luz lived from the Half Age of the fishing of the whale, today they are devoted to the sardine, the anchovy and the beautiful. In September, the Brotherhood of the " corsairs " organizes careers of trawlers, the boats of the hunters of whales. We promise to return.


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