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The Route of the Thalassoterapia for the Basque-French coast


From the mounth of the Bidasoa River, in Hendaya, up to Ciboure run the motorway of La Corniche, following the turns of the coast, with the sea on their left. Those that want to make the route by land should take the N-1 until arriving to the border Irún -Hendaya. Here is linked to D-912 and from Ciboure the N-10 up to Biarritz. This motorway goes through villages such as Socoa, with impressive panoramic views of the sea. 

The sky is clearing up as we come closer to Ciboure. In this time it is frequent to see small crafts, offshores, boarding by tourists. Other ships of bigger tonnage, are hired to carry out trips of longer journey. The maritime itinerary, Ciboure-St Jean of Luz-Socoa, is one of the most attractive. Other trips by ship are programmed to sail by the coast. The season begins in April. In Ciboure we can admire Maurice Ravel native house and the stronghold of Socoa. 

The sun that adorns the morning beautifies, the water that from sea side has a greenish blue color that invites to take a good bath. The water is an inexhaustible source of pleasure and the sea water is as well an authentic source of therapeutic benefits and cosmetics. 

The watering stations that give rise to this route, confirms how appreciate are the thalassotherapy treatments using algae, MUDS, mires or even corals and shells coming from the maritime means. Not to mention, other biomarine substances as the fucus, the waves and the saltpetre of the sea. 

Why not to begin now our own "remise in it forms"? The sea water and its saltpetre will help to regenerate our skin and the waves will exercise a pressure on the flabbiest parts of the body. Some aquatic exercise will force to work the lazy muscles when having to beat the resistance of the water. Some swimmers come to the beach and we share with them the first relaxing bath of the route.


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