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Interview with Daniel Aguilera, Undersecretary of Politics and Tourist Administration

The presence of Argentina in the XXIV edition of FITUR 2004 that took place in Madrid, was a real success. The bet for the tourism as+ "politics of State" of the Nation President, had the prospective recognition. The image of the change, was offered by the Néstor Kirchner by himself with its presence in the opening of the Fair and by the Kings of Spain, accepting the invitation to visit again the country and to know Ushuaia, the most southern city of the world.

The Secretary of Tourism of the Nation supported its president with an efficient organization, accompanying the Argentinean leader in its encounters with managers and chairmans of associations linked to the tourism and first it all, giving cordiality to the thousands of visitors received in its stand of 400 m. covered, during the days of the most important tourist event in Hispanic languaje.

The Undersecretary of Politic and Tourist Administration, Daniel Aguilera, in conversation with TERMAS WORLD, discovers what has been the reason that caused this overflow in the forecast of the National Secretary of Tourism team.

?For the first time, an Argentina President visits a Fair of this category and therefore, the commitment of the national executive's higher authority with the tourism.

Daniel Aguilera is a dynamic man, observer and realist. The agent that has the responsibility of the tourist politics of Argentina.

- The Spanish market is the fourth in importance for the Argentina The growth in the 2002 - 2003 were increased in 73%, that means a volume of 102.000 visitors. From the Secretary of State of the Nation we work in a National Tourist Strategic Plan of ten years, what will allow to insert definitively our country as international tourist destination.

Aware that the present economic juncture is reverting from the complex situation that had been years ago, it highlights the growth of 8 percent of last year and the good expectations for the present exercise.

- Spain invested in tourism of Argentina, in hotel infrastructures, in the last years, more than 800 million dollars and the perception that there is in this visit of the president of the Nation it is that same interest is maintained. We have to reinforce the tourist and hotel infrastructures if we want grow. The image of Argentina is changing, transmiting tranquility to the investor and the opportunity to visit a sure country with great tourist potential.

"TERMAS Baths"

The Secretary of Tourism of the Nation is developing several tourist products, one of them is "thermal baths." Daniel Aguilera highlights the importance of this emergent tourist sector.

-Argentina has a good offer regarding thermal baths although the development is incipient. The counties are being organized to have an offer at national level and becoming later an offer of international class. The perspectives are very good, particularly in the county of Entre Rios where there are several municipalities that have developed thermal baths. We have identified a tourist product that is "thermal baths" and as such, we will work jointly with the counties.

To increase the possibilities of the "thermal baths" is a high priority aim to the Undersecretary of Politic and Tourist Administration that bets for the tourism of quality and well-being.

-the development and necessary infrastructures are already done the same as the perforations, however it is also necessary to endow it with appropriate hotel infrastructures, of general and medical facilities. We are working to find the best way to develop this sector in order to insert it first in the national offer and then at international level.

Daniel Aguilera express his satisfaction because the image of Argentina in FITUR, has been recognized and admired as tourist destination for the Spaniards.

- Soon, several groups of managers will visit the Argentina to evaluate investments and other companies with interests in our country like Repsol, they confirmed their intention of carrying out new investments. Some airline companies that in the last years had retired operations due to the situation of the country, today they are returning.

Companies like Iberia, Argentina Airlines, among other, they are increasing their frequency of flights with our country. Finally, new possibilities are open to present a competitive country and growing for next years.

The Undersecretary of Politics and Tourist Administration ended the interview highlighting the encounter with the Argentineans in Spain.

- A reception took place in the Argentina Embassy where the President conversed with all assistants, a very cordial act. In consequence, we can say that the objectives of his visit have been completed.


Néstor Kirchner at the official opening of FITUR, accompanied the Kings of Spain when they visited the stand of Argentina. They had warm words to Argentina and in this climate of cordiality, the president invited they to visit Argentina and specially the city of Ushuaia. It will be about the middle of the current year.

In language yámana, Ushuaia means "the bay toward west." This denomination appears documented for the first time in the files of the South American Missionary Society, dated in 1869.

Indefatigable navigators of the fuegian channels, the yámanas, strong, short and quite primitive, extinguished mainly due to the proliferation of illnesses such as the syphilis and the measles.

Ushuaia is the administrative and tourist capital of the county of Tierra del Fuego. The most southern city in the world (52 º 57´ South latitude), whose climate is cold and very humid. The Olivia Mount with its top crowned by snow dominates the city (1300 m). It is one of the biggest poles in the tourist attraction of Argentina.

The first establishment took place in the second half of the XIX century, they were Anglican missionaries of British origin who got to evangelize the yámanas. In 1884, a squad of the Armada Argentina commanded by Commodore Augusto Lasserre carried out the foundation.

Located at a beautiful bay of the Beagle Channel, has economic resources such as the fishing and forest exploitation, the electronic industry and the tourism. After a deep depression by the middle of the XX century, the city experienced a great growth beginning in the year 1980, thanks to laws of industrial promotion and custom. Its current population meet the total figure of 45.000 inhabitants.


  • According to its condition of harbour, Ushuaia is an ideal place to savour fish and shellfish, such as spider crab, codfish, sea bream and black hake.
  • Approximately to a distance of 85 km, in an area close to the lake Fagnano, the most southern thermal waters of volcanic origin in the world, has been prepared for its use.
  • Museum of Fin del Mundo. Founded in 1979 with the objective of preserving the cultural patrimony of Tierra del Fuego. Its rooms propose a journey through the history of the indigenous peoples, the numerous shipwrecks and the life of the explorers and pioneers.
  • The Carcel de Reincidentes(MHN) that was closed in 1947, being preserved one of the pavilions of cells just as it was when in operation. Here has its headquarters the Marine Museum of Ushuaia, with a collection of ships-reproduced in scale -, linked with the history of the island since its discovery.
  • Station of Marine Biology with interesting specimen of the marine fauna of the region.


European consultant of Tourism and Thermal Administration.


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