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Term Definition
tadalafil australiaIonizationPenetration of rich biological products by means of galvanic currents.
tadalafil australiaSubmarine JetGymnastics in pools with jet of high pressure. It facilitates movements and carries out a deep massage, strengthening the musculature. Improves the mobility of articulations.
tadalafil australiaKneipptherapyTreatment according to the technique described by Sebastian Kneipp: hot, colds and temperate baths, combined with medicinal infusions, diet and exercise.
tadalafil australiaMUDSMixture of carbonaceous organic substances and minerals that are used with therapeutic aim s and whose application is carried out in an external way.
tadalafil australiaManiluviosBaños de manos y parte de los brazos.
tadalafil australiaClinical Manual MassageReflective therapy of the subcutaneous cellular tissue, anti-contraction, mio-relaxing, analgesic. It consists of frictions or pressures on the body with the hands.
tadalafil australiaMassage RelaxSoft manual Massage, applying body therapies to relax muscles and get the dilation of skin blood vessels.
tadalafil australiaMassage Therapeutic Anti-ContractionManual Massage of body applications, to relax tense muscles and to alleviate back pains.
tadalafil australiaNebulizacionesInhalaciones de gota gruesa.
tadalafil australiaOzone-TherapyTechnique of oxygenation of the blood, eliminating the free radicals that cause the fatigue.
tadalafil australiaPara-MudsMixture of mud and paraffin for applications in several parts of the body.
tadalafil australiaFoot-BathsI Take a bath of the feet and part of the legs.
tadalafil australiaBody PeelingElimination of dead cells of the skin or superficial peeling , getting the effect of a young, fresh and clean skin.
tadalafil australiaDynamic Pool and Re-educationGymnastics in pool with intense exercises with musculación apparatus. Rehabilitation to articulate.
tadalafil australiaThermal External PoolPool outdoors, with water mineromedicinal that allows the swimming practice and hidrocinesiterapia, taking advantage of the properties of the thermal water, with what relaxes the body.
tadalafil australiaPulverizationsInhalations of vapor and thermal water that it exercises their action in pharynx and nasals fossae ( superiors breathing tracts)
tadalafil australiaRadiactivasAGUAS MINERO-MEDICINALES. Dotadas de radón. Son analgésicas y sedantes, están indicadas en tratamientos contra el estrés, la ansiedad, la depresión y todo lo relacionado con el sistema nervioso.
Comments: Los efectos que producen las aguas mineromedicinales sobre el organismo que no son solo físicos, se deben a la cantidad total de sus factores mineralizantes (residuo seco) y a los componentes fijos que llevan en disolución.
tadalafil australiaReflejoterapiaMasaje en la planta de los pies, donde todos los órganos corporales encuentran su zona refleja.
tadalafil australiaRelax de Lodo y Baño de Agua TermalMascarilla de barro que se aplica por todo el cuerpo mediante un masaje, después se toma un baño de agua termal.
tadalafil australiaSPAtherapeutic Institution where three basic elements converge: minero-medicinal water declared of public utility, appropriate facilities for the correct application of the prescribed thermal treatments and a medical and auxiliary staff supervising the use of the means in each patient. "Salus per Aquam" (Health by means of the water) A Spa has a space of well-being where the treatments carried out with water, are applied. The Spa looks for in more degree to get relax, vitality and health. It has Cabinet of Aesthetics and Beauty.
tadalafil australiaSulfatadasAGUAS MINERO-MEDICINALES. Ideales para combatir el estreñimiento, es buen laxante que no produce adicción ni tiene efectos secundarios.
Comments: Los efectos que producen las aguas mineromedicinales sobre el organismo que no son solo físicos, se deben a la cantidad total de sus factores mineralizantes (residuo seco) y a los componentes fijos que llevan en disolución.
tadalafil australiaSulfuradasAGUAS MINERO-MEDICINALES. Indicadas para enfermedades crónicas de las vías respiratorias, procesos reumáticos y postoperatorios del aparato locomotor.
Comments: Los efectos que producen las aguas mineromedicinales sobre el organismo que no son solo físicos, se deben a la cantidad total de sus factores mineralizantes (residuo seco) y a los componentes fijos que llevan en disolución.
tadalafil australiaThalasotherapyfrom the Greek "thalasa" that means sea and therapy (cure and medical control). Three indispensable factors: saline water of sea, collected from certain depth of the marine bottom and heated to the temperature of the human body. Picking up the main marine elements such as algae, the mud and the thermal plankton. The maritime climate and the maritime air.
tadalafil australiaRoman ThermaCircuit of water with different temperatures by pools of hot, and temperate water, sauna, stove and semicircular shower, excellent journey to find the muscular relaxation and the sedation.
tadalafil australiaVaporarioProduction of vapor that is applied to the body with therapeutic ends.

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