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Thermal News Magazine is a service of news, reports and novelties of thermal content, tourist, leisure and culture that, will offer to its subscribers monthly.

A wide journey through the thermal community to discover the last tendencies of the thermalism, thermalism of recreation and scientific in the capitals -sanctuaries of the best thermal baths and spas of the world.

Information regarding Congresses and Seminars as well as studies specialized in Turism of Healht or Thermal Marketing, in Schools and national Universities and abroad.

The Healthy Routes will take us across new itineraries where the water is the protagonist and the ecological tourism, the complement.

Weekends travel and promotions, escapes revitalizing and destinations for your vacations, with our experts' suggestive proposals: bubbles of pleasure in a spa; natural corners without leaving Spain; alternative of tourism health in the Europe without opposite and to learn how to live the emotions, in contact with the naturaleza.

Art calendar and culture will be another bet for the whole family.
The balneoterapia and the beauty to be in form, the natural therapies and the last novelties in Cosmetic thermal and marine, they will also take their preferable place in our Magazine.
Cut elaborated by the best specialists that integrate our team of collaborators from Spain, France, Portugal and Latin America, so that you sit down and live the culture of the agua.

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